About Sandy Allain

My Story

I’m an Internet Marketing Expert, who has been living in Madrid, Spain for 20 years. I started developing my internet marketing skills in the late ’90s while working in the biggest language school in Spain. In 2008, I resigned from my job to work on my own projects. Nowadays, I am an independent Internet Marketing consultant working at home. Over the last 20 years, I have been helping hundreds of education professionals all over the world improve their online visibility and increase their sales.

I live in Madrid, Spain. This is my beautiful city in the center of Spain. I’ve always been passionate about learning languages and traveling. I have experience with internet marketing. I’d like to share my story with you so that you can also succeed in your own projects.

My purpose is to share my experience with you to help you succeed in your internet marketing projects. You’ll see examples of websites that I have created and developed.

I also offer courses and training to help language school professionals succeed in their internet marketing. I help them learn about SEO, AdWords, Social Media, and Content Marketing strategies. One of the benefits that I have as an internet marketer is because I speak 3 languages: French, Spanish, and English which allows me to help language school professionals who are interested in promoting their schools in different languages.

The world has 5 billion internet users with one-third speaking either Spanish, French, or English. I help these internet users find language schools so that they can improve their language skills.

I’m an independent Internet Marketing consultant in Madrid, Spain who helps people to create and promote their websites and sell courses online.

Feedback & Reviews

Most reviews that I get are really positive but I want to make sure you know the truth about I do so that you can confidently work with me.

“Agualivar Spanish School has worked many times with Sandy Allan and his team, always with great success. He has extensive knowledge in our field and experience working about Spanish schools, he makes it easier for us. Sandy is truly an essential partner.”

Agualivar Spanish School

Dirección de Agualivar Spanish School

“Sandy, is a true professional and dynamic person to work with. Extremely reliable to make deadlines and very creative. I would highly recomend Sandy to any company/ individual that needs to get exposure on the web. Being multilingual enhances Sandy’s work and he is an excellent colleague. He has a true knowledge of the sector and is able to take a business from standing still to complete exposure on all multimedia/ web aspects.”

Caroline Norris-Richards

Global Sales and Marketing Director at Abroad4U

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Sandy Allain on several complex web marketing projects. Sandy possesses the a unique skill set. Starting with a strong strategic vision on what businesses need to have a strong online presence. Sandy is able to communicate that to business owners and marketing teams in terms they understand. Finally, he can role up his sleeves and do the actual coding.”

John Slocum

Director Amerispan

What Can I Do for You?

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SEO is one of my strongest skills. I’ve been doing search engine optimization for over 20 years.

I have experience creating websites, developing social media, and managing affiliate programs. I can teach you how to improve your website’s online visibility fast. My goal is to help your website become more visible in search engines like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Bing.

I can help you create and promote an effective blog so that you can attract leads to your website. I’ve been blogging for over 5 years and have helped hundreds of clients with their blogs.

It’s not enough to only write good content on your website. You also have to market your content so that it gets more exposure. My experience with social media will help you promote your content to your target audience on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

I can help you create and manage a profitable affiliate program for your website so that you can earn commissions for the courses that you recommend. I will be your first affiliate 🙂

I can also help you design an effective sales funnel so that you can put your marketing strategy into action.

Your sales funnel will help you to turn leads into customers. You can even use your sales funnel to measure the results of your marketing strategy.

Creating a successful online marketing strategy with me is not only about creating an effective website. It’s also about improving your marketing skills so that you can market your business online.

Need Advice?

Sometimes Internet Marketing can be a little overwhelming for people who are just getting started. I would like to help you with that.