Hello, my name is

Sandy Allain

SEO Expert in the Travel
& Language sector

About me

SEO expert based with over two decades of experience in Internet Marketing for the Travel and Language sector.

After two decades as an SEO specialist in the travel and language industry, I have had nothing but remarkable experiences. From small language schools to high-profile global travel companies, my expertise has been put to good use by allowing me to create visibility for their websites online, helping them attract more traffic. Every one of my SEO techniques was crafted with precision according to each client’s particular needs and desires – a true custom fit.

My mission is to aid businesses in boosting their sales figures with SEO. This will enable them to attract more students, thereby resulting in maximum revenue. I pledge to work diligently and achieve results by selecting the ideal words for websites and using social media. My ultimate goal is for every website I create to be seen by those who are interested in it.

Investing in SEO is only worthwhile if it translates to sales.

Some companies I have worked with :

Unlock Your Potential with SEO

Let me show you just how simple it can be: one click will unlock endless possibilities for your travel or your language business.

Content Creation

Crafting high-quality content is an integral part of any winning online marketing strategy, and as a SEO expert, I specialize in creating captivating yet informative pieces.


Take advantage of SEO to bring our website and its offerings in front of potential students or travelers, then you just need to do the selling. It couldn't be easier.

Link Building

If you want to take your website's visibility up a notch, link-building is the route for you. I'm well versed in this area and skilled at producing strong backlinks.