Internet Marketer Expert in the Language Education Industry

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sandy Allain. I am originally from Paris, France. I’ve been living and working in Madrid, Spain for more than 15 years. I am an Online Marketing expert and I have a proven track record of promoting language schools. I have been working as an internet marketing consultant for the past 14 years.

With the help of my team, we have brought many companies in the language education sector to the top of search engine rankings.

My most memorable experience was working in one of the largest language schools in Spain and Latin America, which I decided to leave in order to take a new career path.

I put together and managed an online team of 27 people (programmers, copywriters, SEO specialists, PPC managers, etc.). Online profits grew from €500,000 to €3 million within one year and reached over €7 million, due to our constant SEO efforts.

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