Who I am & what I do

Sandy Allain

Allow me to help you get the right people, businesses, and the right ideas all in one room.

I have been working in the Internet industry for more than 20 years. You will find on this page my current projects and achievement.


A showcase of my work

My team and I have created several websites in the travel, education, and self-development industry which are 3 passions.



What I'm good at

Here are the things, I am specialized in

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Speak Fluently Three Languages

Team Management

Web design

Pay Per Click


Don't take my word for it

Michael Gourion

Consultant at REGENERING ® – Productivity Consultants
Sandy is an amazing person. He constantly learns and stays up-to-date with a fast changing state-of-the-art in the Marketing Online field (SEO & PPC). His resilience and ambition are outstanding. Young he created and sold a web agency, than managed an online marketing staff of 20 for a top Spanish school, and now leads his new web marketing company with excellent worldwide staff. He masters the web dynamics and knows how to increase sells. Keep-it-up Sandy!

Christian Manzenberger

Directeur commercial chez Niro-Pool
Sandy’s a person you can rely on.


That’s what I love

Talking about the things you are passionate about seems to always find its perfect spot in any conversation whether at work, with friends or on personal websites such as this. So why am I sharing the things that I am passionate about? It’s because I believe that if you wanted people to trust you, you have to open a part of yourself for them to see how genuine your intentions are






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+ 009 876 54 321

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Los Angeles, California, USA

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Mon – Fri 10.00 – 19.00