Top 5 Mistakes Travel Websites Make

Internet Marketing

To drive leads and sales from your travel website, I implement the following winning strategy!


Effective marketing begins with in-depth research to discover what your audience search.


Develop captivating and informative content tailored to your audience.

Social Media

Creating engaging posts and interactive content to can attract more customers.

about me

Hi, I’m Sandy Allain, an internet marketing expert with over 20 years of experience. Based in Madrid, I help travel businesses boost their online presence.

Travel Sector

Experience in the travel industry and knowledge of it. Helps boost traffic and sales.

project Manager

Led major travel agency to reach €7M in yearly sales by expertly managing a team of 25+.


I am fluent in three languages: French, Spanish, and English, and I apply SEO techniques in all of them.

With a rich professional journey spanning two decades, I’m Sandy Allain, an SEO Consultant and project manager based in Madrid, Spain.

My career revolves around merging AI with SEO and internet marketing, driven by a deep passion for harnessing cutting-edge tech to propel websites to the top of search rankings.

My expertise lies in travel internet marketing, where I’ve excelled by staying adaptable and keeping up with evolving technology landscapes. I ensure travel businesses stay ahead by blending a strong understanding of these areas with a knack for adapting to changes.

Strategic internet marketing has played a key role in crafting success stories for my travel clients. The results speak for themselves with a surge in sales and a stronger online presence.

Looking for a seasoned, forward-thinking partner to light the way to digital success in the travel industry? Let’s chat about how we can achieve outstanding results together.

Why me?

Having a deep understanding of internet marketing is crucial for any travel business looking to improve its online visibility and drive more traffic to its website.

Knowledge and Expertise

With more than two decades of experience in the ever-changing field of travel internet marketing, I’ve been privileged to witness and adapt to the dynamic landscape of online marketing.

My journey through the complexities of travel internet marketing has armed me with a profound grasp of algorithms, keywords, content strategies, and the relentless quest to outshine in the digital domain.


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I’m working on a bunch of my own web projects
to experiment and build communities.

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Crafted programs go beyond conventional classrooms, providing a wide array of activities and experiences tailored for individuals of all skill levels.

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With more than 20 years of invaluable experience in the education industry, helping language schools. I have created this informative guide.

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Furthermore, you can trust that I am here to provide personalized guidance and support through this blog.