Sandy Allain

Internet Entrepreneur

About me

My name is Sandy Allain. I have been working in the Internet Marketing for more than 20 years now. I have experience mostly in the Education industry where I worked with several language schools in different locations to promote their website online.

I am now working on several project in different industries such as with my busines partner Elver Hinostroza and with different freelancers that help me offer great articles to businesses.

My Projects

Recent Jobs

October 2019 – now


Struggling to find the time or inspiration (or both) to write new posts for your blog? We’re here to help you out!

September 2017 – now


Increase the reach of your language school with our proven SEO tactics. Gain visibility, enroll more students and grow your business by creating a strong local presence. We give wings to your language school!

Febuary 2009 – October 2017

Internet Marketing Consultant

Get Constantly New Prospects With Days Not Weeks With The Power Of Search Engine Marketing SEM. Learn how to promote your travel business online.

Febuary 1999 – August 2008

Internet Team Director at Ideal Education Group (,,

Promoting Enforex websites online with the help of a team of 25 people. I started all projects from the very beginning. Sales online went from almost 500,000 Euros annual sale to 7 millions within 5 years working there. Sales double every year!


I have acquired thoughtout the year internet marketing skills:


Social Media