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SEO Essential Stages

Unlock your site’s potential with top SEO tactics. Boost rankings & draw in traffic. Begin your growth journey!

SEO Audit
& Strategy

To begin, assess the website’s current status, pinpoint SEO weaknesses and opportunities, and devise a robust plan to rectify them.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Fine-tuning website content and HTML source code is crucial for boosting relevancy and user experience, essential for rankings.

Off-Page SEO & Performance

The last stage boosts site authority through off-page SEO tactics like backlinking and social media engagement.

about me

With a record of promoting websites and increasing website leads

Project Manager

I’ve been managing big projects and leading teams for years, driving impactful results online.

Fluent in 3 languages

Proficient in French, Spanish, and English, languages I leverage in my marketing pursuits.


I’m creative with a knack for brainstorming innovative ideas and thinking outside the box.

Bringing 15 years of expertise as an SEO specialist in the travel sector, I’ve finely tuned my skills in boosting travel agencies and language schools to top Google rankings. Additionally, I collaborate in the realm of self-development, helping coaches and therapists in their online journey.

Over the years, I have witnessed the evolving landscape of search engine algorithms and adapted my approach to ensure sustainable growth for my clients in this competitive industry.

My passion for AI and its intersection with SEO motivates me to explore innovative ways to leverage technology for enhancing website performance and staying ahead of the digital marketing curve. As a digital marketing specialist, I am constantly seeking out new tools and techniques to improve website visibility and drive targeted traffic.


I offer custom website design and digital marketing services to boost your presence online! 🚀

Select Future of AI in Internet Marketing
Web Design

Craft a unique website tailored specifically to match their brand, needs, and goals.

Unleashing the Power of AI: The SEO Revolution in the Digital Landscape
Search Engine Marketing (SEO)

Increase your website traffic, visibility, rankings and drive more leads.

Search Engine Optimization and NLP Techniques

AI Automation

Let me assist you in automating your company with AI solutions to boost productivity.

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Bringing 20 years of experience in internet marketing to drive growth for various companies.

Elevate Your Web Marketing Game with My Dedication and Expertise

With my unwavering dedication and expertise in the field, I’m here to elevate your online presence. Whether you require help with SEO strategies, social media campaigns, or website optimization, count on me to fuel your digital success! 🚀


content Marketing

Social Media

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