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Sandy Allain

Internet Entrepreneur
Allow me to help you get the right people, businesses, and the right ideas all in one room. I have been working in the Internet industry for more than 20 years. You will find on this page my current projects and achievement.

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My team and I have created several websites in the travel, education, and self-development industry which are 3 passions.

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Speak Fluently Three Languages

Team Management

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"Sandy is an amazing person."

Sandy is an amazing person. He constantly learns and stays up-to-date with a fast changing state-of-the-art in the Marketing Online field (SEO & PPC). His resilience and ambition are outstanding. Young he created and sold a web agency, than managed an online marketing staff of 20 for a top Spanish school, and now leads his new web marketing company with excellent worldwide staff. He masters the web dynamics and knows how to increase sells. Keep-it-up Sandy!
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  • individual consulting calls.
  • A chance for you to ask questions.
  • These are recorded for future playback.
  • Analysis live of your Business Online


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  • individual training calls
  • teach you internet marketing to do it yourself or with your team
  • use of different tools free and paid online for you to use as well.


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  • team calls
  • weekly calls or daily to manage the work with your web team
  • Find staff for you to hire
  • use of tools to manage your team better.


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