Sandy Allain is a true professional and a dynamic person to work with. Extremely reliable to meet deadlines and very creative. I would highly recommend him to any company or individual that needs to get exposure on the web. Being multilingual enhances his work and he is an excellent colleague. He has a true knowledge of the sector.

Caroline Norris
The Stay Club / The Stay Academy

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Sandy Allain on several complex web marketing projects. Sandy possesses the a unique skill set. Starting with a strong strategic vision on what businesses need to have a strong online presence. Sandy is able to communicate that to business owners and marketing teams in terms they understand. Finally, he can role up his sleeves and do the actual coding.

These skills: strategic vision; clear communication; and technical understanding allow Sandy to translate business marketing needs into a cohesive web presence strategy.

Furthermore, Sandy has excellent interpersonal skills, well-traveled and is multilingual so he is able to manage a team or work side-by-side with people from various cultural backgrounds.

In conclusion, Sandy is clearly one of the best people I have worked with in my more than 30 years as a professional, business owner and executive. He is smart, easy to work with and passionate about his work.

John Slocum

Sandy is an amazing person. He constantly learns and stays up-to-date with a fast changing state-of-the-art in the Marketing Online field (SEO & PPC). His resilience and ambition are outstanding. He masters the web dynamics and knows how to increase sells. Keep-it-up Sandy!

Michael Gourion
productivity Consultant

Sandy is a great point of contact for all things SEO. He has a wide knowledge and contact base and is able to ensure projects are executed according to budget, deadlines and specifications. I have worked with Sandy as a Copywriter on many projects and have always found both approachable and professional. I will happily work with Sandy again.

Nina Derham
Ex-College at Enforex

Sandy did an excellent job marketing my English courses in California. He put together an amazing website using cartoons, visuals, photography and my text making a unique pitch for both my and my language business. I’ve been impressed with how many inquiries I’ve received since he’s put it on line. He’s been very easy to work with and did it all in a timely matter for an affordable price. I would definitely recommend him to promote your business.

Cheryl Divine

Sandy Allain has been working with me to help market my skills as an ESL teaching specialist in the Denver, Colorado area since October of 2014. He’s been a fortunate find for me because of his considerable website development and marketing experience and his coming along just as I was launching my own ESL service company last year. Sandy is a total professional who has given me extremely helpful advice and prompt attention whenever there was a question on my mind. He is one of those rare ones who answers e-mail quickly and takes care of requests immediately. I am very satisfied with his services and envision a long-term relationship as we build my website and my sales in Denver

Richard Brown

I’ve never met anybody more knowledgable about SEO than Sandy. Highly recommended!

Michael Serwa

Sandy’s a person you can rely on.

Christian Manzenberger