Reasons You Need SharpSpring For Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If you’re a business owner looking to simplify your life and take advantage of digital marketing, then we’re happy to introduce you to the SharpSpring automation platform. As an online marketing tool provider, we’ve seen our fair share of business owners, and we’ve developed a set of digital marketing strategies that work.

SharpSpring Features and Functions

SharpSpring gives a full suite of marketing automation features including:

  • Email marketing
  • Campaign management
  • Customer segmentation
  • Data mining

SharpSpring’s Pros 

The following are some Pros or features of SharpSpring:

  1. Increase traffic to your website with our social media marketing tools
  2. Optimize your website for search engines with our SEO tools
  3. Manage your content with our blogging tools
  4. Analyze data to identify user behavior with our analytics tools
  5. Measure and improve your performance with our reporting tools

SharpSpring’s Cons

Not only does the business provide its customers with a free website builder, but SharpSpring also offers a suite of marketing features to help them lead their online presence. For those who choose to host their website on SharpSpring’s platform, however, the price is  $99 per month for the service. Customers who opt to manage their website elsewhere can sign up for SharpSpring’s free policy, which includes all the features you’d expect from a quality website builder.

SharpSpring Review

Review i- SharpSpring is the most powerful and flexible marketing automation platform I’ve used to date. SharpSpring is definitely not for beginners and there is a steep learning curve, but the ability to customize all aspects of the user’s policy makes it invaluable. It’s always a smart idea to compare products and services, so SharpSpring’s comparison page made it easy to compare services. Their comparison tool allowed visitants to sort through multiple products and services side-by-side. The product comparisons had lots of information.

Review ii- Sharpspring introduced its feature to make it easier for reporting and to communicate and collaborate in real-time. You can use it just as a tool to segment and build or track your mailing or contact list. Once I had gotten used to its features and how this medium worked, it was easy to add new functionality, without any coding knowledge. The ability to easily set up landing pages and forms with the built-in drag-and-drop editor, and then automatically send that information to a contact record. It is also highly configurable with such cheap pricing, which allows you in tracking and tweak the content, colors, and fonts to fit your brand.

User Interface 

The first thing you should notice is the bright yellow background. SharpSpring platform takes this visual cue from the classic Yellow Pages and uses it as a reminder of what it is that the user wants to accomplish. The yellow background immediately draws the eye and makes you want to take the next step.

The next step is to start building the core functionality of your website. The following are some examples of what a typical website may look like:

  • 1. Homepage
  • 2. Blog
  • 3. About
  • 4. Products and Sales
  • 5. Services

SharpSpring’s Pricing

hey, SharpSpring’s pricing is not that much expensive. You can have a flat monthly subscription model that starts at $20. That means if you have a one-page website that receives 100 visitors per day, it costs $2000 per year to have unlimited access to it. It’s also important to note that they offer discounts based on traffic volume. Its pricing sounds expensive but once you have got that unlimited access, you’ll never regret it. Although, it is totally based on your preference to whether to buy it or not.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a term used to describe a range of marketing technologies that automate the flow of information within the marketing process. For us, automation is about making sales faster, easier, and more efficient.

SharpSpring’s automation marketing platform is designed to make marketing easy. It allows companies to set up a single rule to send the same email message to multiple contacts simultaneously. These automation platforms support marketers quickly and cost-effectively in tracking, analyzing, and measuring all aspects of the digital marketing funnel — from prospecting to conversion to engagement to repeat sales.

Triggers have three main parts:

Here are the three main parts of any trigger system:

1. Trigger:

The trigger is the piece of text that leads to the visitants of the agency taking some action. The trigger is the last thing you say to the visitor before she or he leaves the site.

2. Action:

The action is the result that you’re looking for from your visitant after he or she reads your trigger. This is your goal. So, your action should be specific, measurable, and time-bound.

3. Reward:

The reward is the benefit that you’re giving your visitant for taking action. A reward will lead to encouraging them to come back.

SharpSpring Customer Support

At SharpSpring, there are two main departments responsible for answering customers’ questions and providing customer support: the Help Desk and the Marketing Team. Each department has different strengths and weaknesses. The Help Desk is the first line of defense for questions that come in through live chat, email, or phone calls, and answers most of the questions that come through. 

How Does SharpSpring Compare to the Competition?

In order to win over customers, marketers have to demonstrate that their brand is better than the competition, and this isn’t always easy to do. SharpSpring CEO and co-founder David Ditzel say that he understands that it’s tough to compare your company or team to other competitors. But when you talk about your own company’s strengths, it builds a stronger impression.

SharpSpring’s Competitors: What’s the Better Pick?

You’ve decided to pick up the marketing program that the SharpSpring automation platform offers because you want to start attracting more social customers to your site. But there are plenty of online businesses that also provide these services. We looked at several of SharpSpring’s competitors and found that some of them offered similar functionality, while others didn’t. 


In conclusion, You need to know where your email list is and what’s happening with it. That’s why SharpSpring Analytics allows you to do exactly that and to make informed decisions based on solid data. In fact, it’s the most affordable method of generating leads and building a social audience for your brand. If you’re not measuring your email campaigns effectively, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. In the same way, that email can be used as a platform to generate leads and an audience builder, so can it be used to measure your campaign’s success. Overall, the automation platform is a good choice for those looking for an easy way to manage email marketing by tracking their contact list.

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