Language School Marketing | What Is Your Plan?

The key to profitable language school marketing lies in a mental shift that recognizes a major fallacy: doing marketing only when it is absolutely necessary. Treating language school marketing as something that only needs to be done when “everything fails” and as “emergency backup” is more common than language school business owners would like to admit.

While many start-ups and new businesses are in a position where they still need to prove themselves and might look for investors, their marketing budget is rather small to almost non-existent.

No wonder that many language schools get creative and try to get as much “free advertising” activities as possible on their way. This leads in a short time into thinking, that paid advertising is rather a luxury that should rather be avoided. It comes from one central thought mistake: seeing marketing as something that happens “on demand” when it is needed.

The reality is that language school marketing is an ongoing process, not just single or multiple marketing actions or events that are disconnected from each other.

Language school marketing is actually within any activity your school does – the way how the school communicates in social media, the way people experience your school when they enter the building and the classrooms, the way how they are interviewed if they want to take a language test. Every single aspect of your language school is an important aspect that will market your business in multiple levels.

Even if you have a cafeteria and the way how it is run – as it is quite standard that students are taking pictures of their food and beverages. putting themselves in a scene showing off that they are in this “amazing place” where they currently study a new language – and this will become another important building block how others experience your language school business themselves.

With so many different language school marketing elements in place, it becomes crucial to make a list of all areas and set your priorities which is easier than you think once the mentality of seeing marketing only as “emergency rescue” plan is gone.

An ongoing marketing plan for your language school ensures your long-term success. The key to long-lasting language school marketing that converts interested people into real paying students lies in the right mix where you add short-time limited marketing activities along with ongoing marketing campaigns.

One popular marketing shortcut for language schools is to use a service that generates leads for you so you can talk with the right people without dealing with all the cost-and-time-intense Google Adwords or Facebook Ads yourself. You can profit from our long-term language school know-how and use our Language-School-Pay-Per-Lead program

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